My recap of the year 2022

First of all thank you so much for staying here with me the whole year 2022, supporting me and reading my stories!

I would say the year 2022 was the busiest year I ever had. Not in a bad way because I like to stay in a madness of travelling, learning and discovering new places and things.


my year 2022 and its recap

My recap of the year 2022

It’s not a boasting what I have done this whole year, or maybe it is but to myself. As sometimes people tend to forget what everything and how amazing they have done, if they can’t see them. So this list is mostly for myself, so I can see and be proud of myself, kept myself busy and not on the couch.

January 2022

With a new year I have, after a long nights of work and preparation, finally released my website JinnTwai!

Within this big excitement I have also finished my very first watercolour notebook and sales! Isn’t it gorgeous? I am really proud how it turned out β™₯

From the cultural experiences I went to London to see the beautiful Nutcracker musical and celebrated my 26th birthday!

Beside my other 2 jobs I was actively adding new posts to my website from my friends and travels!

Here they are:

IMG 3612 edited

February 2022

February was mostly devoted to my job and surviving rainy British weather.

Beside I have created and shared my very first 125-day solo stay in Spain (2017), connected with my beloved friend Niken and together finished a story about her life in Spain and about her beautiful country Indonesia.

And for pleasure to all dog-persons, shared a story and dog training from my friend Karolinka and her dogs pack.

My posts from February:

IMG 9591 2 scaled edited

March 2022

With spring slowly appearing in England, all the misery from rainy and cold winter left and everyone was facing blooming daffodils and flowers all over.

One of the most beautiful season is March in England!

Day-dreaming through all the flowers and stunning Whichford Woods, didn’t let me get on just with that and I kept myself trying harder to post more of my IG content and illustrations!

Stay creative!

Jinn Twai

March stories:

IMG 4564

April 2022

One of my most happy and adventurous months was April!

The second week of April I flew to Porto Portugal and after a long time met with my friend Kira from Hungary, and spent 4 days wandering around streets of Porto and enjoying the sunshine and delicious food!

With a goodbye to Porto my trip wasn’t at the end, yet. With my other friend Kuba we got another flight and this time on an island of Madeira! Spending our Easter holiday on such a beautiful spot couldn’t get any better.

At the end of the month I had also a precious visit all the way from Italy – my friend Adriana!

What an international month full of travelling and happy memories with my friends!

Here they are:

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May 2022

Early May Bank holiday β€’ I couldn’t let this opportunity of long weekend, slide away, and together with my sister Kate got pretty deals and flew to Ireland’s Dublin for the first time!

Meeting here my long known Greek friend Nikos was a pleasure and fun! So the rain and gloomy weather and lost in the city didn’t have a chance against us!

Travelling to the seaside, trying to get treated by a doctor (not successful) and discovering more of Cotswolds and this beautiful countryside of the UK.

Another of a short, yet interesting trip was to Bournemouth in the UK and its perks!

Here are my May posts:

MG 6393

June 2022

In June I have started horse riding! Finished refurbishing my little studio for my art, started some new abstract technics and devoted my time to my loved Ferry the Mousecatcher.

IMG 6150

July 2022

July in a name of summer holiday started very joyfully.

My another holiday beside the sea in Wales was fun and I will always remember it with lots of memories of surfing, hundreds of jelly fish and ice creams!

Straight after Wales I moved for another week of holidays to Cornwall and enjoyed a pretty harsh heat wave and the sea!

A right after an arrival from Cornwall I was packing and leaving again for my holiday to my loved Czech Republic and my family!

Having my wisdom tooth taken out, being stalked by a strange, missing my flight or just having a family party – that was it, all about.

And for all that busy fun holidays I didn’t even create any post and just enjoyed the travelling.

IMG 6464

August 2022

After coming back from my holidays in Czech republic I stayed 1 week in the UK and then flew again and this time for my very first time to Greece and its beautiful island Corfu!

And after coming back to the UK I just enjoyed the summer heat and lots of swimming in the pool.

I actually think that weather in England is not that bad as everyone thinks. The temperature is mostly very stable, it’s not cold through the winter and spring with summer are just so pretty and beautiful seasons here.

The climate is just different and you have to adjust slowly, but I like it.

And so with the end of August I have also finished my 3rd year living over here!

Here are my posts:

IMG 5576

September 2022

September became quite busy compared to chilling and relaxed summer.

I was actually deciding whether to move back home or how long to stay. At the end I have decided to stay one more year and see how things will go.

And then I tried to stay productive and proactive with all my hobbies and art!

Here are my posts of September:

IMG 2824

October 2022

Again October in my year 2022 was busy as well.

I was focusing to continue with my another little book and collection of poems. I was discovering new watercolour inks and technics.

Finished more of my abstract paintings and happily enjoyed new movies in the cinema and lots of delicious food!

I was also very happy because I connected with my long admired artist Dannie from Czech Republic and together created a story about her life and art journey!

Here are my May posts:

IMG 3049

November 2022

Within the end of year 2022 I had so much work in my job and started to feel exhausted.

But still I finished a Montessori course and got a certificate for that

And successfully posted a story every week! Fro my past travels to Tenerife and around the world! Because it was waiting almost a year to be finished. Phew

Here are my posts from November:

IMG 2656

December 2022

December was so exhausting for me not just with my job but all the Christmas preparation as well, as I was desperately counting every day till my Christmas holiday!

But still I was studying hard and passed a Diploma for Educational Psychology!

Within my long-expected break, I woke up with new ideas and plans for the new year 2023 and already started working on them, so I can share it ASAP!

IMG 2755

And so within all those for me amazing moments I am ending my busy year 2022!

And I wish everyone only the best in the whole new year 2023! Hope you will make a reasonable New Year’s resolution and willingly be able to accomplish at least some of them! I wish you to stay happy and healthy and always keep yourself educated and moving forward! Hope you will find lots of love around yourself and in your families and travel, discover and meet new things, places and people!


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IMG 8545
IMG 8485

I hope that your year 2022 was also productive and you didn’t forget how to rest and enjoy the life beside hard work and all the world troubles.

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