Greece and its great adventures

10 days of unexpected twists, adventures and the bluest sea in Greece. The perfect spot for summer holiday and new exploring. Here is the Great Greek adventures in a diary.


Since I met my Greek friend and heard his stories all about his country Greece – I have immediately put it on my bucket list of countries to see. And I was planning already which year I should go. Couldn’t believe it will still be this year 2022 within few weeks! As I could join my friends and go all together to this beautiful island of Corfu, I was happy and lucky to make unforgettable memories and had fun all days along.

drone shot breathtaking shore porto timoni with deep tropical blue clear turquoise sea
Before travelling to Greece you should know these


  1. Corfu is the Seventh-Largest Greek Island (of 227 others)
  2. There are 115 beaches in Corfu
  3. Corfu is one of the oldest places in Europe (coming as far back as 1300 BC)
  4. Old Town Corfu has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage
  5. Corfu has a Mouse Island (Pontikonissi)
  6. Corfu is the birthplace of Prince Philip (late husband of Queen Elizabeth II)
  7. Locals rather go to Albania for their vacations due a price
  8. Corfu had a big French influence
  9. People of Corfu are very fond of Russian admiral Fyodor Ushakov (helped free the ancient Greek island of Corfu from French rule)
  10. Corfu has such a beautiful nature and more than 6 000 distinct types of flowers and herbs

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Here is our diaries of Corfu, places we have seen and struggles we had to face 😀


Our holidays started in early morning hours with excitements of Greece and our upcoming 10 days in Corfu. Waking up at 4.30 AM, hopping on a car in directions – Gatwick airport, with no idea how long we will be forced to spend there.

With a big surprise we smoothly went through the luggage drop-off, got confiscated our over limit liquids and happily went to Pret for a chai latte and croissant.

Getting on a board of EasyJet and finally sitting in our seats after all the rush became suddenly a one big disappointment. We had to sit and wait till the head ups decide to either let us go or not cause of some technical problems.

At least our amazing captain George was fighting for our sakes till the end and let us came to the aircraft cabin and ask whatever we wanted. At the end we were determined to stay for another 5 hours at the airport and so got to the island of Corfu at about 10 PM instead of 2 PM.

And we made it! Hooray, got the rental car and slalom the serpentines all the way up to our villa – Katsika Kabana! ♥

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Tuesday morning we had woken up to this stunning view from our villa and couldn’t believe where we are staying. Infinity pool with a view of Albanian coast became right away our fav place to hang out.

After a lazy morning with head out to San Stefano for a delicious lunch in Taverna Galini and meet the first of hundreds cats from Corfu.

After an unsuccessful boat hire we had to rebook our boat and went for a swim instead – in the bluest sea and came back home for more food and supper. On the way home we had discovered this deliciousness – Pignata Patisserie which became our must have dessert for the rest of our holiday!



Wednesday was very easy and relaxing day in the name of swimming and sea.

We came down to Agni beach for a delicious lunch in Taverna Agni. I filled my stomach with seafood, chips and salad and happily fall on a towel on the beach. Once I got able to swim, we swam and relaxed again. Typical summer holiday.

And the most exciting event of Wednesday was a party in a villa in Kassiopia, which cost 44 000 £ just per week! How crazy and fun!

Thursday came so quickly and became one of the most memorable day of the whole week!

We hired a boat :D! And that’s where all the troubles have started. After our not very successful rent in the beginning of our holiday, we got finally on a board of a boat! Got a 5-minute lesson, how to drive and here we go!

So exciting to be free on the sea, stop whenever and wherever we wanted, have a swim – what a dream!

Dream it would be if we would have listened at least a bit the instructions or just have the man intuition (how annoying – is this why men jokes about women’s driving?)! Because we got an anchor tangled in our motor in the first 30 minutes 😀 … what a disaster! Luckily we were able to brilliantly handle the situation even without googles and were ready to move on … just till we realised the anchor is stuck on a bottom of the sea!

With our tiny muscles we were despaired for a help. Swimming to the nearest beach and blinking our eyelashes to a nice English man and his son was effective and we were rescued again!

With wiping the sweat from our forehead there was another challenge coming – PARKING! Because if you park a boat on a shallow you can obviously very easily break your engine. So we did – parked on a shallow – I told my friend it’s not very deep here, but with a fright in her eyes to park somewhere else – we rather left for a lunch!

We had the biggest and super duper nice lunch in Taverna Kolouri, had a little siesta with amazing view and were ready to take off. Kindly asked the waiter for a help with our boat and were ready to go.

To our surprise he almost yelled at us, how stupid we are parking so close to the beach and that we probably broke the engine. So another English nicest man – Johny came to safe us once again and we were so afraid to bring the boat back to the rental.

Luckily nothing happened and the owner offered us even a bigger boat for the next day.

Safe and sound we came back to our lovely villa for a roast chicken and a good night sleep.

IMG 4138
IMG 4209
Greece - island of Corfu


Friday was a chilling day by the pool, infinity view of Albania, cocktails and crisps.

Me – spending hours and hours with Korean drama Alchemy of souls and then waking in the middle of the night scared of everything.

Easy and relaxing day we have finished in a restaurant, again – called Glyfa – recommended by so many people we came full of excitements and were disappointed right away. So many bees coming to our table, not very nice waiters and over prices food, not special at all.

IMG 4208
IMG 4291
IMG 4006

Saturday & Sunday

As we were on our holiday, we didn’t really care about the weekend as we were free and happy every day of our stay.

Weekend’s plans were very easy – restaurants and swim in the sea.

We went to meet other friends at different restaurants tried some seafood and went to swim in the sea.

I bought a snorkel and could finally enjoy the life under the sea to the fullest. Listening my breath and trying to catch a fish in my hands was quite fun.

We also went by a boat to a popular cave in the middle of the sea, which you could swim through and at the end swim under the rocks to get out.

Actually there I was so afraid that I will get trapped under water and went out too quickly so I knock myself off the rocks :D.


Monday was a good and productive joyful day. We had a last day with out boat, sailing the sea to our favourite place with cliffs and cave.

We swam with massive school of fish and loved that! Enjoyed another delicious Greek salads and food in Taverna Agni with Baklava and icecream at the end! (I couldn’t leave without this dessert at all).

And finished the day with shopping in Kassiopei. And exhausted fall in our beds with a movie and a drink!

My favourite!


Last day and our last swim came in a speed of a rocket and we were packing our things again.

Sad to leave our beloved beautiful villa and the blue Greek sea!

So we had the last and the most delicious fish in Taverna Eucalyptus and ready to rock and roll.

Couldn’t be left without delays at the airport and so come back to England in good midnight hours, ready to beds.

But what a great Greek adventures and Greece!

drone shot breathtaking shore porto timoni with deep tropical blue clear turquoise sea
Avoid getting lost in a new country

Travel with me!

Travelling is something I couldn’t give up at any time. It’s a lifestyle and I love it. It helps you to grow, learn and most of all meet new people and maybe friends forever. Read some of my stories and diaries from my journeys and let me know, if you need any help.

Lots of love,

Jinn xx

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