Mesmerising Indonesia

The most populous country in the world with more than 270 million people, more than 17 thousand islands and the most populous muslim country. Let's hear Niken sharing her stories and memories.

About Niken

Niken is 26 y.o Indonesian, which grew up and lived all her life in her beautiful country Indonesia. It’s been already 3 years since she moved and travelled to Spain for her studies and work.

This amazing and kind woman full of energy is a proof of Indonesian friendly and warm nature. I am really proud and happy that we had an opportunity to meet, share stories and make a real long-term supporting friendship. Niken is a very beautiful woman not just from outside but also from inside, thanks to her never ending love, care and kindness, she became one of my favourite and best friend which I have ever met!

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“Being in another culture removes us from the familiar, expands our comfort zone, pushes us toward our growing edge, while offering a mirror in which to gaze upon our true selves.”

by Niken
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Dear Jinn,
I hope you are well. I intend to share my story that related with my video by this letter. I don’t know how I should form the story, so I am going to write it as a letter. I may never shared this before to anyone though.

I was born in a small village in Kalimantan.

At the age of 6, my family moved to a small city not far from my village. I spent most of my life there until I went to the university in another island, Java. After I finished my university, I still had no idea what I was going to do with my life.
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So I did volunteering in Vietnam. That was my first experience abroad. It was great I could meet a lot of people from different countries and teach young people.

During my last three weeks in Vietnam, I met another volunteer person in a hostel where my coworkers were staying.
We had a little conversation, and somehow we became friends. One day, he asked me a question that nobody ever asked me before.

“when was the last time you were happy with him?”
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I was in a long term relationship (A toxic one) at that time with a person from my university.
Then this question lingered in my mind for the rest of my stay in Vietnam.
I was asking myself repeatedly,
“when was the last time I was happy?” I couldn’t answer it.

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Before I left Vietnam, I decided to start my life in a village where I was born, maybe by that I could find my happiness, I thought.

I was going to teach at school – in my village – under developed. with less than 12 hours of electricity a day, surrounded by jungle where you can hear orangutan singing every morning.
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Then I broke up… And still I didn’t find my happiness. Well, I was glad to teach children at school, at my free club activities after school or when they visited my homemade library, which I have created with the help of books donation from some friends.

But deep inside I knew I wasn’t happy. And I was scared too. I was scared that after working, I am going to get married, have babies, grow old and die still not happy. Is it just it? The life?
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I asked myself then, what will make me happy?
… crossed my mind. I watched a lot of European movies so that I have romanticized Europe  a lot in my mind. I would be happy there, I thought.
I got my ticket, I said its only for a year to my family.

And it turned out it’s been almost 4 years.

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Well, it didn’t turn out as I was imagining. It’s nice since you’re visiting, but when you live here, it’s a different story.

The first month I was in wonder, like dreaming. And after the euphoria – it’s all the same. Not as romantic as I thought.
Later I became so used to things like — people, places and things I did on daily basis. 

The reality that everyone has.
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Still, the question “when was the last time I was happy?” kept popping up in my head.
I was happy pretty much of the time, but it always fleeted. I was hopeless and devastated. I knew that there is more – much more – in life than I am aware of right now.

I didn’t find the everlasting happiness that I was searching for. 
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Then I have realized, I am not looking for happiness, I was wrong. I am looking for a joy.

I had a teacher back in Indonesia who  told me that happiness and joy is different. Years ago, I didn’t understood what he meant.

He told me, “First, you have to know yourself.”
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During my stay in Spain for last 3 years, I may be much closer than I think to knowing myself. I have learnt quite a lot of things. At least I know I changed a lot. That’s what happens when you live abroad.

Mainly because being in another culture removes us from the familiar, expands of our comfort zone, pushes us toward our growing edge, while offering a mirror in which to gaze upon our true selves.
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And it´s worth it, different food, unfamiliar ways of greeting, types of stores, social values and diverse cultural expressions, in Spain – made me appreciate my home country, Indonesia, even more. 

I will never appreciate my country more than when I’ve lost it, when it has vacated me for a long stretches of time.
Above all, hopefully I will be back to Indonesia within the joy I can share with everyone.
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The last, but not least, Thank you very much Jinn, for living your passion, to deliver a beauty in this world.

Hopefully you have your joy wherever you are. I am very proud of you. Keep being beautiful, kind person which you are.

Indonesia in Numbers

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world consists of more than 17 000 islands. The country which is spreading along 5 000 km equator between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean and the country with the most active volcanos in the world! Is the most populous country in the world with more than 270 million people! And almost 90% of them confess to Islam.

This country includes more than 1 300 ethnic groups, 700 languages and still some of even undiscovered tribes! Indonesia is a unique, mesmerising country full of wilderness supporting one of the world’s highest levels of biodiversity. The colourful country of many cultures, artwork, food, species and one of a favourite tourist destination!

Map of Indonesia with its regions, cities, capital city - Jakarta, islands and oceans.
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Information about Indonesia!


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Joko Widodo


Southeast Asia




Indonesian Rupiah



What to see in Indonesia?


Indonesia, the tropical archipelago graced with natural treasures and fascinating culture has plenty of charms, among Natural Wonders and UNESCO Heritage Sites! Have a look for some tips!

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Komodo National Park

In 1991 the national park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been selected as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Komodo islands are also part of the Coral Triangle which contains some of the richest marine biodiversity on Earth.

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Borobudur Temple

The world’s largest Buddhist Temple from the 7th century, located in central Java will impress you with its stunning architecture and a spiritual vibe.

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Mount Bromo

The most famous massive with its 2 329 metres has been protected in a nature reserve since 1919, and no wonder this breathtaking active somma volcano is worth to see or even visit within 45 minutes from the nearby mountain village of Cemoro Lawang.

mother orangutang walking with its baby

Tanjung Puting National Park

Enjoy the tropical atmosphere and learn more about its wildlife. Most of all visit a well-known home of protected wild orangutans and and their rainforest habitat. Become a foster parent or just help with your donation to Orangutan Foundation International!

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This tourist sensation and photogenic paradise can offer you plenty of activities from diving, night life, nature, food or temples! Don’t hesitate and put it on your bucket list as well.

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The island of Lombok has no shortage of attraction both in and out of waters. Discover divine beaches or dive in spectacular marine life. Take an adventurous trek to Mount Rinjani – one of the highest volcano in Indonesia, with its summit rising to 3,726 meters above sea level!

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Nusa Islands

Nusa Islands are a real paradise thanks to their iconic spots, so take some notes! Explore the Mangroves, swim in a crystal clear water in Blue Lagoon, enjoy a sunset at Dream Beach or Devil’s Tear and tide pools, take a selfie from Kelingking viewpoint, visit Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach and Crystal Bay all together, snorkel at Suwehan beach, sleep in a tree house in Rumah Pohon and make lots of memories!

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Wakatobi National Park

Is a marine national park located in the Asia-Pacific World Coral Triangle. Wakatobi Islands offer clear waters and a rich bio-diverse underwater life – a home of hundreds of species from coral reefs and fish to sea birds. The park includes four main islands, with historical ruins, old villages, various ancient traditions.

Happy memories!

Time flies so fast and it’s been already few years since Niken and I met but all those memories we made together are always in my heart. From sharing our faults, picnics, climbings, star watching to dealing with a proper hangover after all night dancing – I will always cheer up for you! ♥
And you guys, I hope you are enjoying your life, travelling and making new friends to live to the fullest!!

Lots of love, Jinn

Happy Birthday!
Happy B•Day my dear Niken! I hope and wish you only the best of this life and that each of your day is full of love and sunshine.
Wish you to make the most of everything and keep going however the situation is hard. I will be always here if you need anything!
I miss you cariño y nos vemos pronto!

Love, Jinn
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