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Jinn Twai the watercolour artist, writer, traveller and a founder of this website and its stories!


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My watercolour gallery

Watercolours are my favourite medium by so far. I have started using them probably when I was 10 y.o. and stuck with them until now. Here is my Watercolour gallery from 2021 and 2022.
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Create your own notebook

There are plenty of beautiful and artistic stationery in the whole world. But what about to create your OWN SPECIAL one? Follow these 9 steps to achieve what I have done with my first watercolour notebook! Good Luck!
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Poems (Cinkylinky)

I started to create, for children, a little watercolour and poetic world of love and comfort. Creating poems which can tell them, they are protected, loved and irreplaceable. And through the reading of their parents they can hear all those words, sometimes hard to say or express.
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Dog Diaries

DOG - a best friend of a human. So well-known phrase but not always understood. Here is a story of Karolinka and her amazing dogs, her path through many difficulties and struggles to loving and loyal friendship and partners for a life.
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Watercolours - for someone such a common thing - for me my lifestyle, a way of expressing myself, relaxing and something I love. Creating is the way how to become happy and balance your mind and body in one.
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Forget me not

Our brains are like colourful galaxies, capable of incredible things - so don't let your computers and devices do all the work on your behalf, use your creative thinking and your own feelings to enrich other people with your ideas and art.
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Hello World

I always wanted to create a place where could meet different people and cultures! Travelling and Art are both part of my everyday life so do their stories which are hiding behind. And now it's here, my new project ART WITH STORIES
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