Tenerife Road • Trip

My ever first road-trip around the island of Tenerife went just as perfect as we thought! All those cities of discovery, beautiful beaches and the highest peak of Teide left us astonished and speechless. Memories of Tenerife will always remind me the fun we had here.


Tenerife Road • Trip

This roadtrip and a whole trip was very spontaneous. My sister and her bf called if I want to go with them to Tenerife, because the flights were so cheap. And I said YES! I had to quickly find at least 1 friend who would like to join as well, so we are 4 and I am not the third wheel to their lovely dovey holiday.

And luckily my friend Karolínka (who btw did an amazing post of her doggo pack here on my website) was ready to go as well!

We bought the cheap tickets and also tickets to Vienna where we were taking off and with lots of excitement started packing our backpacks.


a map of the island - Tenerife



Tuesday morning and we all packed our rucksacks with snacks and hopped on a train to Vienna! 4 of us my sister and her boyfriend, me and my friend Karolinka couldn’t wait this upcoming adventure at all! Arriving to Vienna lead us to grab a lunch and wander around the city centre for a while. Enjoying a little cup of coffee in front of the cathedral and then quickly catching a tube – airport direction! Yey

Travelling the whole day and a 4•hour long flight brought us on Tenerife late in the evening. Taking our booked rental car and an hour drive to our first destination – Tacoronte!

I remember how everyone was just so exhausted and also shocked of these Spanish steep roads and curves. But the fresh sea’s air and warm breeze completing the night was just perfect!

IMG 4683
IMG 4681
IMG 4682

I don’t remember much what have we done this Thursday, but we probably just chilled the morning in Tacoronte and had a walk and a bit exploration around since we had our last night here!

So we went for a day trip to La Laguna! Getting lost in the city, peaked to a cathedral and ended up in Starbucks for sure cup of coffee!

I still have lots of memories of that day and sitting on a sunny square, sipping our drinks and talks.

IMG 4669
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Excited about our new accommodation we have spent the day around Poris de Abona, drove a little bit to Abades, Faro de Punta de Abona and the nearest beaches. On the walk we came to a pack of strange dogs, luckily we haven’t been eaten and continued to one abandoned complex. It was so cool and creepy in the same time but once we spotted some people running around with guns, we immediately turn around and went back.

After we got safely to our car we drove to Puertito de Güímar and hiked through Malpais de Güímar by the sea (and as I was walking through the rocks just in my slippers I got some very interesting looks from other hikers :D) .. but it was really fun and so beautiful!

IMG 4675
IMG 4676
IMG 4673 edited

Waking up in our beautiful room and having some leftovers for our breakfast was enough to kept us happy. We left our hotel to Los Cristianos following with exploration of Arona and finally getting to famous attraction – Masca!

If you are at Tenerife, this is a must have! Beautiful natural creations reminding the famous Machu Picchu! We had a cactus (pretty disgusting) cake and did a little hike all around.

On the way down we got stopped by a policeman trying to flirt with us and give us a fine for parking, but blinking our lashes and broken Spanish we escaped with laugh.

Our last stop was Playa los Gigantes and then we just came back to enjoy our lovely stay in the mountains and our last night!

IMG 4674

Our first morning on Tenerife! Good morning island! We ate the rest of our snacks for breakfast, sat down to make a plan and left our accommodation for the first trip!

We went to Benijo first, walked by the sea and enjoyed a stunning view from Mirador de Bailadores (which is a must have!). On the way down we stopped by Restaurante Rincón de Anaga and got some delicious seafood.

With full tummies we went to stop by the famous view of Playa las Teresitas and then walked down the beach. Amazing weather was with our every step and we couldn’t get enough of the sunshine!

Our day – trip we have finished by going through Anaga National Park and its coastal beaches.

IMG 4680
IMG 46771

The 3rd day – Friday – we packed all our stuff and got on the roads again as we were leaving our first accommodation.

We have spent the morning in a city La Orotava, visiting coffee shops were our daily must have, visiting a botanical garden and joining people on street for a walk.

And then was our big ‘hike’ to the highest mountain of Tenerife Pico del Teide and its 3 718m. (We didn’t actually hike as there is a pretty good cable car with amazing views!)

Here are some more information about Pico del Teide!

On the way down to our next destination we went through a beautiful foggy woods and stopped by Caldera de la Orotava and its mysterious atmosphere, which become one of my favourite of the whole trip, moment!

And our almost last destination was Puerto de la Cruz, where we grabbed some hummus and veggies and enjoyed it in a sunset on the beach!

And the last last we could finally come and check in our 2nd hotel in Poris de Abona.


Another day of our expedition! I made myself to wake up early and got to this amazing sunrise! I could stay there and watch it the whole time and luckily our hotel was just by the beach, which made it so easy!

After coming back and getting some breakfast we went on our another adventure to Santa Cruz! Where there was a fair to our surprise! We got some churros and blended happily into crowds.

After Santa Cruz we went to Candelaria for some icecream (must have!) and more exploration of this island’s cities.

And the most exciting thing at the end – we have booked one fancy Airbnb in the mountains – and it was just so perfect! We came just in time for a supper and caught the most precious sunset from the whole time! Making us sad as our Tenerife adventure was getting to its end.

IMG 46782
IMG 4679
IMG 46841

Couldn’t believe it was our last day already. Everything went so fast but yet so satisfying.

We left our beautiful home early morning and went to chill around Costa Adeje, grabbed some pasta and delicious seafood and burnt our faces just before we left, as we forgot to put a suncream on!

And then the last thing – bringing back a car to the rental and waited for our flight.

At the end I would say, this was my so far favourite group-trip and I will always remember all the fun we had there! And even though Tenerife is these days quite hot-cheap-spot for everyone, I would come back again and explore more of it!

panoramica en un precioso atardecer en punta de teno tenerife
landscape shot taken serpentine road tf 436 masca spain


Here are few facts about Tenerife island!

  1. Is an archipelago of Canary Islands belonging to Spain.
  2. Tenerife’s flag is the same as Scotland’s – because of its patron San Andres (St Andrew).
  3. Mount Teide is the highest peak of the whole Spain (3 718m) and it casts the longest shadow over the sea in the world.
  4. The island’s famous Thai themed Siam Park, is the biggest water park in Europe and offers one of the highest water-slides in the world.
  5. Horatio Nelson, the now famous Admiral Nelson, tried to invade Santa Cruz de Tenerife on 22nd July 1797, the invasion was repelled and Nelson was defeated on the 25th July. This is the battle in which Nelson lost his arm

What is Malpais de Güímar?

Technical Info:
  • Start: Calle Almirante Cervera (El Puertito de Güímar)
  • Finish: Calle Almirante Cervera (El Puertito de Güímar)
  • Approval status: Not officially approved
  • Degree of difficulty: Intermediate
  • Type of trail: Circular
  • Distance: 6.11 km (12.89 ft)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Highest altitude: 122 m (12.89 ft)
  • Lowest altitude: 1 m (12.89 ft)
  • Elevation gain: 169 m (12.89 ft)
  • Elevation loss: 169 m (12.89 ft)
IMG 4673 1

This circular trail starts and finishes in the port area of El Puertito de Güímar. The Malpaís de Güímar is a special nature reserve of great ecological significance that was declared a protected area in 1987. This is a unique volcanic landscape that spans all the way from Montaña Grande to the coast.

The region’s mild climate makes it a wonderful habitat for a great many endemic species. Cardons and Tabaibas thrive here. Nearer the coast, you will find sea fennel and the local species of sea lavender, while the sandy areas are populated by spiny broom bushes and Canarian clovers, with over 60 species of lichens dotted all over the Malpaís landscape.

All across the inland area of El Malpáis are a series of volcanic tubes and caves. The most spectacular ones are the caves of Cueva Honda and Cueva de los Burros, with some stretches measuring as long as 100 m (330 ft) and as tall as 5 m (16 ft). The best way to discover this landscape is to explore its trails and stop at its many lookout points, where tongues of lava, cardons and tabaibas dominate the scenery. We welcome you to take it all in slowly on a leisurely walk.

Source: www.webtenerife.co.uk


I love travelling and always will even though it’s becoming a cliche. I just love meeting new people, who became my friends and learning about new cultures. I have been living in 3 different countries beside all m journeys and wrote about it! Please take some time and read a little bit about it.

And let me know your experience and unforgettable memories 🙂

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