125 days in Spain

Spending my first 4 months in Spain was an amazing experience. I met many new people, tasted various delicious food and most of all I enjoyed their festivals and traditions. This hot Spanish summer gave me a lots of great memories, let's talk about some of them here.

My adventure


I was 21 years old and was deciding what to do, I have been in Czech already for a year since I came back from my last big trip and I wanted more. As the easiest option for me was to travel abroad as an aupair, find a family and a new home. I bought a flight ticket and left to Madrid within a month.

I settled with my new and fabulous family in a little town called Rincón se Soto. Even though it wasn’t that big I have enjoyed all of the Spanish traditions, celebrations and food to the fullest.

Spain is one of my favourite destination thanks to its kitchen and very friendly and generous people which will always welcome you and share their kindness.

Today I am sharing some of my best memories or my Spanish summer 2017 so let’s get started!

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Rincón de Soto

Rincón de Soto is a town with almost 4 000 people, located in Alfaro region and La Rioja province. The town is famous for its pears and as it is in the Protected Geographical Zone – they have better taste and also a price at the market. The town is surrounded by many fields and the river Ebro. Can’t forget about the important festivals in an honor of a the town’s patron – Virgin of Carravieso (celebrated from 1 – 7th of August) and St Michael the Archangel (29th of September).

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Spanish Flag
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Flag of province
La Rioja

What an experience!


Pamplona is a capital of a province called Navarra, northern Spain, with almost 200 000 inhabitants. And it’s world wide famous for its San Fermín – week long festival, starting at noon on July 6th and continue until midnight on July 14th. Fireworks, bull racing, folkloric events, concerts and never ending parties with over a million people coming to participate – that’s San Fermín in Pamplona.

A tip from me is: Go there with bunch of your friends, be careful despite all fun and ENJOY!

And that’s exactly what my friends and me went to experience! Dressing in whites and red scarfs is a must have dress code, stuffing our backpacks with bottles of wine and huray on a bus to Pamplona! We begun a party at midnight with great fireworks and joined the crowd of thousands of people – drinking, dancing and celebrating. What else to wish for in your wild 20s. The night was long and we enjoyed it to the fullest, found lots of handsome guys for a dance, sharing our drinks and singing with strangers. From 9pm to 9am in the morning when our bus took us back home for some sleep.

My dear friend Liana Busby from the United States is sharing here her memories of our time from Spain! I will always remember her friendly and happy personality which helped me to enjoy the summer, to share our stories and make lots of fun! Please read also her own life story in a previous post!

And now listen her memories!

I have also made a special post only about Liana, her life and her travel experiences. She was so kind and agreed to share it with you all and share something about her country as well. So click down below if you would like to read and learn something NEW!


I was lucky to travel enough either with my host family, by myself or with my friends and to see so many new places! As Bilbao, Pamplona, Calahorra or Alfaro. Having a beach holiday in Cambrils and Salou, a coastal town in province of Tarragona and another “mountain” holiday in the north of Spain near a big town Santander. Also with my visit of Logrono, I did’t know I will come back here in 2 years for more memories!

Most of all I was happy for being a part of their festivities and culture. Trying famous Paella, fresh fruits and veggies and of course delicious seafood. Learning beautiful Spanish language and being able to understand at least the menu in restaurants! Walking through hundreds years old towns, watching the architecture, praying in their churches and seeing the first communion celebrating. Celebrating local festivals, bull-racing or just sitting on streets with a glass of Kalimotxo and Patatas Bravas. That will be always my favourite memories of Spain – relaxing, chatting with friends and enjoying hot summer evenings.

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San Juan Gaztelugatxe


Is and islet on the coast of Biscay Bay connected to the mainland by a man-built bridge. Meaning “the Rock Castle” in Basque language. On the top of the island stands a hermitage dedicated to John the Baptist from the 9th century. This spectacular and beautiful place you can find 35km east from Bilbao or in the popular series Game of Thrones.

Find out more of amazing stories, places and people!

Spain is really beautiful and diverse country with many things to offer. Take your time once you are here and try to understand their traditions and culture. Don’t be just an insta-friendly spots hunter, and explore more little villages, support local restaurants and shops, be respectful towards people living here and enjoy your time here!

Scary end

Honestly the end of this travelling adventure was not that happy at all! One week before leaving my family told me that in the woods, where I was going for walks and rides, was killed a man. As well as it was a beginning of harvests, around the village appeared many strange people – coming to pick up the fruits and help with harvesting. So as I was such a scary cat I stayed at home for a good week till I could finally leave.
By the way even the leaving wasn’t easy as my sister and I missed the bus to Zaragoza due to the festivities but luckily got there on time. And then spent long 36 hours on a coach to Czech Republic – going through Barcelona, where was a terrorist attack few days before! What an adventure!

Spain - Rincon de Soto
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