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12 Inspiring Artists – Illustrators

Here are 12 inspiring artists and illustrators which I have discovered mostly via Instagram. And here are their artworks and illustrations, links and introductions! Have a look, follow and read! Because there is never enough of art and inspirations from others!
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Illustrations by Dannie

Illustrations by Dannie • an artist and a photographer from Czech Republic • are a real artwork full of love, fairytale-style and vibrant colours. Magical backgrounds and very detailed animals' portraits will mesmerise you within a second and will draw you into their own stories and enchanting world. Get your glasses and let's get into this story altogether.
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My watercolour gallery

Watercolours are my favourite medium by so far. I have started using them probably when I was 10 y.o. and stuck with them until now. Here is my Watercolour gallery from 2021 and 2022.
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Create your own notebook

There are plenty of beautiful and artistic stationery in the whole world. But what about to create your OWN SPECIAL one? Follow these 9 steps to achieve what I have done with my first watercolour notebook! Good Luck!
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Poems (Cinkylinky)

I started to create, for children, a little watercolour and poetic world of love and comfort. Creating poems which can tell them, they are protected, loved and irreplaceable. And through the reading of their parents they can hear all those words, sometimes hard to say or express.
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Watercolours - for someone such a common thing - for me my lifestyle, a way of expressing myself, relaxing and something I love. Creating is the way how to become happy and balance your mind and body in one.
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Forget me not

Our brains are like colourful galaxies, capable of incredible things - so don't let your computers and devices do all the work on your behalf, use your creative thinking and your own feelings to enrich other people with your ideas and art.

Struggling Artist?

Being an artist is not always easy thing and there are many struggles which everyone has to face. But it's an incredible experience to create something new, let's see what Jakub a young photographer had to go through ...
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