Watercolours - for someone such a common thing - for me my lifestyle, a way of expressing myself, relaxing and something I love. Creating is the way how to become happy and balance your mind and body in one.

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Jinn Twai for a post of her beloved watercolours


I still remember when I first got my watercolour/aquarell pencils. I was about 10 years old and I was ill at home, I had a birthday and my mum gave it to me as a present. I was so happy because it wasn’t anything cheap for us that time – and I felt really grateful. And so, since then I have totally fallen in love with those pencils. I still have a large folder at home with all the drawings and sketching from the first one!

It’s been already 15 years and I am happy and pleased to walk this long path to learn and create art, which I love.


I feel like the real creating is slowly disappearing or maybe I just don’t have enough artistic people around. But still it seems like children are rather taught to use technologies and devices for art than their hands and tools – and a shame of loosing the imperfection and its beauty, so many different patterns and lines of each individuals.

I am not saying using PCs is wrong, I do it by myself, edit my photographs and creating designs etc. And I love it.

I just think that children should have more space for expressing themself with art, develop their creativity at schools and not be ashamed of their own talents and drawings.

Once you get into this habit of drawing/painting or creating you’ll find out that both as your body and mind is suddenly at peace and harmony. You’ll find out that it’s a great way how to release stress and relax.

Watercolours/acrylic/oil etc there are so many ways and tools to find what suits you the best! So go for it!

Watercolour painting ideas

Getting new ideas or inspiration can be tricky sometimes. And sometimes we just don’t know what to do, what to draw, even if we want so much. Maybe we should keep it easy, don’t push ourself if we don’t have a muse – stop rushing.

First of all you need to have a time for it and space, where you are able to relax and think. Doesn’t need to be a quiet empty room, it can be in a bus on your way to work, art galleries or just a bench in a park – it all plays around you and your capacities/priorities.

But don’t just sit at home, waiting for motivation, because motivation goes hand in hand with actions. Go for a walk, go to natures, exhibitions to look for inspiration. Follow your favourite artist’s feed, browse internet or Instagram. And search until some ideas punch you in a head. Connect everything you love, use your favourite colours, shapes, pencils and textures. There so many options and it’s just up to you what you want to create and share.

I wish you good luck and creativity always beside you. And you know what? Even if you are desperate for creating but lack of ideas, give it its time and it will come to you!

Here is some inspiration for you!

Here is a little peak to my process of drawing also with my little help Ferry ♥ !


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“We believe in the amazing power of creativity that brings joy and fun to life. Through our high-quality and affordable products, we inspire both kids and grown-ups, motivating them to develop themselves and making their lives more fun and colourful.”


The Czech company established in 1790 by Joseph Hardtmuth is one of the biggest distributors for art supplies. Famous for its products and quality, with own patent for production and many worldwide awards.

It’s for sure my most favourite one!

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