Struggling Artist?

Being an artist is not always easy thing and there are many struggles which everyone has to face. But it's an incredible experience to create something new, let's see what Jakub a young photographer had to go through ...

Being an Artist

Being an artist is never easy. You can be a genius with great ideas and talents but with no money in your pocket. Some artists are lucky and some have to work hard for a success which can’t even come. Struggles, ups & downs are something which an artist can’t do without. Making own style and improving skills are a lifelong journey. However being an artist surpasses any other jobs. Being different, unique and creative makes you happy, makes your life colourful and varied. Being a creator and giving a life to things and ideas with love and passion is something what inanimate machines will never do. It’s not always easy but worth it!

My Czech friend – photographer and artist – Jakub Kasala will share his life journey with us, so let’s get started!

Have a look for more of his PHOTOGRAPHS at his Instagram or his website page! And support this talent!


A life story

Jakub was born and raised in a small village on southwestern borders of Czech Republic. Studied gastronomy to become a new Chef Ramsey but after a while he realised it wasn’t what he wanted. As for many students after graduation he tried several jobs but nothing what could even lead him to photography. His first dream he fulfilled with a travel to England, which became so spontaneously by quitting his job, packing, buying a flight ticket and moving with his girlfriend to the UK!

Looking back in time I was always trying to be a creative and do stuff “differently” but I would never ever see myself as an artist in any way because I was living in an environment where you have to have “real job” to make money and I did not have any creative people around who would have influence on me in this way. This all changed in UK when I met new friends and new opportunities.

Jakub Kasala
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They have enjoyed over 4 years of discovering England beside working as well. And there was also Jakub’s first step towards photography – with his first DSLR Canon! Starting as a hobby, learning from a friend and spending 100s of hours watching tutorials to his first paid job! Shortly following with many other jobs and projects he started to shape his style in portrait photography.

In early 2020 he came back to Czech Republic to face another obstacles in his journey – breakup, moving to Prague, Covid19 and searching for a job or running out of his savings. After all thanks to his patience and persistence he broke into a film industry and became working in Grip department! There was a time when he had less job offers and so was forced to work even harder to be able to pay bills in the capital city. Thanks to that with the end of 2020 he started working as a photographer for a clothing and cosmetic brands and as a bonus his photographs were published in a magazine – Millenium! What an achievement!

Now it’s been already more than a year since he moved to Prague, started working in a film industry and still being a freelance photographer. In the future, as he says, he would love to become a “Unit Photographer” – the one who takes pictures of actors and actresses for posters and all promo stuff during the filming of the movie. So fingers crossed and I wish you only the best and your dreams coming true!

I love to do personal projects because it gives me complete freedom in creativity which is very necessary for any creative person who wants to grow. During those few years as a photographer I already had lots of ups and downs. I wanted to quit photography and I wanted to get rid of all my equipment because my photos were “not good enough”. But It is always helpful to have a break and rest a bit so then you can get back with even more energy and new ideas! I was also lucky for having lots of love and support from my friends and family what keeps me motivated.

Jakub Kasala
Photography of an Artist Jakub Kasala, a girl, fashion, makeup

Q&A with Jakub

What drew you into photography?

It just happened not long after I moved to England. I was taking photos on my Phone all the time and then I met a friend who is a photographer and he told me that I need a camera so I bought one and that’s how it all started for me.

What were your biggest obstacles and struggles?

Me. Because once you decide you are going to be a freelance artist there is lots of pressure and anxiety coming down on you 24/7 and thoughts such as “how the hell am I going to survive just by taking pictures?!” and your goal is to learn how to work with it and don’t get crazy.

What was your biggest achievement?

Every survival of editing process is one big success for me because I hate spending endless hours in the Photoshop! haha And other thing I’m proud of would be when my photos got published in lifestyle magazine. That was pretty cool feeling having my own photos printed for a very first time. Of course there were some struggles along the way but it was such a great first experience after all.

What would you recommend to someone’s beginnings?

Don’t do it because of money. This way will destroy all the happiness what it brings to you and suddenly you become just person who is only pressing the button. You don’t have to become a professional photographer. Make it as a hobby of yours and don’t push it too hard, enjoy the process, find your passion for it and it might bring money as a nice bonus eventually.

Which was your best collaboration?

I have been working with Veronica Biasiol for over a year now which includes her brands Icy Body, Honey merchandise and Biasiol beauty. So It can be considered as one of my most interesting collaborations so far.

veronica biasiol 32
Artist - Jakub Kasala

Some tips to grow and improve in photography?

Practice and patience. In my case it’s hundreds of sleepless nights watching YouTube tutorials, following other photographers work, learning new skills and getting inspired by everyday life.

What is the most important for an Artist in photography?

Being who you are…it takes years and own experience to find your style what you want to portrait. Art is great way to express ourselves and everyone can be artist in their own way…for example a Baker can master his craft so well so it can became a real piece of art (tasty one)…Art doesn’t have any boundaries that’s us who put the boundaries there.

Your favourite camera and lens?

To be honest? My phone…it’s always in my pocket everywhere I go so I can capture the moment and for this purpose I don’t need an expensive gear. I just need a tool to get the moment and my phone does it pretty well.But my favourite photography camera setup what I carry in my bag is Canon5Diii + sigma 50mm F1.4 + Canon 24-70 F2.8

And what do you think about this project?

I think the idea is amazing! Connecting creative people is always great idea so hopefully it will inspire as much people as possible!


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