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As a Czech proudly born in Czech Republic I will always be happy to welcome anyone here, talk about my country and its traditions and kind, hard working people.

Hope you find as well as me a joy in this beautiful country.

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Travel with me

Travel! Journeys. Road-trips and much more! Travel with me since 2010 all around the Europe to Turkey and some islands! I love travelling anywhere and anytime. I remember my parents telling always a story about me, escaping (as a 4 year old) from my grandpa babysitting and walking down the street with a little backpack. Going on my own to a hospital to see my mummy.
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Illustrations by Dannie

Illustrations by Dannie • an artist and a photographer from Czech Republic • are a real artwork full of love, fairytale-style and vibrant colours. Magical backgrounds and very detailed animals' portraits will mesmerise you within a second and will draw you into their own stories and enchanting world. Get your glasses and let's get into this story altogether.
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Eco Bamboo

Eco Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable brand of clothing focusing on production of comfortable active clothing and underwear - mainly and proudly made of bamboo fibre. Not only photographing these products but wearing them as well lead me into obsession with these soft and very comfy clothes for any occasion and every-day activities.
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The wild traveller

Personally I think that travelling is the best teacher for your life. Learning to be independent and stand on your own feet, solving unexpected problems, learning about new cultures, meeting new people and socializing with them, seeing differences can teach you to appreciate your own things much more and many other perks!
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Poems (Cinkylinky)

I started to create, for children, a little watercolour and poetic world of love and comfort. Creating poems which can tell them, they are protected, loved and irreplaceable. And through the reading of their parents they can hear all those words, sometimes hard to say or express.
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Dog Diaries

DOG - a best friend of a human. So well-known phrase but not always understood. Here is a story of Karolinka and her amazing dogs, her path through many difficulties and struggles to loving and loyal friendship and partners for a life.

Struggling Artist?

Being an artist is not always easy thing and there are many struggles which everyone has to face. But it's an incredible experience to create something new, let's see what Jakub a young photographer had to go through ...
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