Dog Diaries

DOG - a best friend of a human. So well-known phrase but not always understood. Here is a story of Karolinka and her amazing dogs, her path through many difficulties and struggles to loving and loyal friendship and partners for a life.

Karolinka and her 3 dogs, Argonaut, Mia and Ebertus

Dog Diaries

I met Karolinka first in 2018 as my colleague’s daughter and few months later we left with other friends for a road trip to sunny Tenerife! We travelled and talked a lot and one thing I was amazed the most was her love towards dogs.
I have seen when she brought her first little baby doggo and what kind of scary-cat he was. She took a long, sure not easy path to raise a healthy, amazing and well behaved dog and a companion to her. She gave him her love and got 100x more back.

And I thought wow, I want to know about it.

So here she is, sharing her experience. So keep reading!

Meet The Pack


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How we got from 1 dog to 3

aka don’t be afraid to follow your happiness


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I am Karolinka and I am 24 y.o., from Czech Republic and one beautiful green city – Hradec Králové.

I have just finished my university so right now I am actively and mainly mentally getting ready for the adults’ life and its trubbles.

So I was really surprised when Jinn asked me to write about my dogs, how it can be interesting? But you know what, I’ll share our story with you!

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Because I admit, three dogs can be to someone already a little too much and maybe we’re already some of those curiosities.

So hopefully this story will attract and inspire, to achieve your wishes and dreams and that no one should be afraid to be happy no matter what.

But enough talking (maybe more writing), we’re starting!

AND straight from the beginning in 2003!

Bez nazvu

Our family was always a dog lover! My mum had a dog when she was a little and her father was growing up with shepherds, mutts and pointers!

When I was 6 and my sister 3 – Our mum fell crazily in love with Hungarian VIZSLA. Everyone was discouraging her, telling she is mad to bring a dog with ADHD to 2 little babies.

But my mum resisted and one day in June 2003, she finally brought her beloved vizsla and at that very moment I felt in love with dogs as well – because suddenly there was a ginger fluff ball running around. And for another 15 years till 2018 she became my big friend and protector.

Chara with my mum was involved in hunting trainings, passed several exams and became a proud representative of her breed.

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That’s just one dog, right? Just hold on!

In 2016, my sister got into a veterinary high school and decided she wants a SNAKE as a part of her studies, so she can take it to school with her easily.

Just hearing the word snake, everyone was fainting at home, so we tried to reach a compromise.

And we did!
We all agreed to get the second dog, but tiny little inconspicuous mouse so can go to school with my sister.

Final decision went to a Prague Ratter – so here we go in May 2016, we were coming back home wit a dog no. 2 – a little black mouse wit a tan, which we named Mia!

Well… do you still remember we almost got a snake instead? So we got it at the end anyway because Mia is such a sneaky little bitch, which plays hardball and within her 4 kgs she bosses around the whole universe!

04 26 64 07 Prevedeny 01

Bez nazvu

I always longed to have my own dog – 100% only mine.

But those two years when we had Chara and little Mia beside us. The third dog was totally out of a question. So I just dreamed of my own dog ​​and imagined what breed I could choose, it was all in the stars.

In June of 2018, Chara died at the age of 15.5, and so I started slowly planning when I could make my dream true. I had already chosen the Czechoslovakian Wolfhound, which I planned to get in 2019, so at least a year after Chara’s death.

But the best things come unexpected, and not even two weeks after I scrolled through Facebook, where an ad – rescued puppies for adoption from gypsies’ colony in Slovakia, popped up at me.

And there he was !!!

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Bez nazvu

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Among all the coloured puppies, one all-black, one that looked completely different, and I knew I had to have him right away.

One day I had decided and two days later I drove from Slovakia with a little black package of love and cuteness in my arms. It was July 2018 and I named him Argonaut (detailed story about Ary and me down below :-)).

He is an adult now with 15 kg and a look like a black Australian kelpie. However it is a crossbreed with everything, all of his siblings looks completely different and his mother looks like a black and white border collie.

For me, he is the most gorgeous dog in the world.

And where’s the third one, right? Wait a bit!

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08 13 21 03 Prevedeny 01

Even though my mum and little Mia are as inseparable as the Siamese twins, she still missed a big dog around.

And with her love for pointers, we had decided for the third dog! After all the proves and consequences from the universe to take another dog – six months of waiting,

July 2021 – with a speed of a rocket, there was another ginger vizsla puppy running in our home! Little Ebertus aka Bertíček, who turned our whole life upside down and became another precious member of our family!

Bez nazvu
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Well, that’s a short story how we got from one dog to three. So we have a very active life full of dogs’ sports such as agility, canicross, running and in general our time and life is based on the needs of dogs.

Bez nazvu

They are not just animals for us but family members and honestly? If I would ever have to decide whether from the burning house to save myself or a dog…. dog for sure. 😀

Life with them is more complicated and difficult for organising when it comes to planning vacations, trips or even just moving from point A to point B.

But honestly? It’s a hair better with them than without them. And if a hair better, then literally about that hair (or maybe more) because you will find them at our house REALLY ANYWHERE. Once I found my dog’s hair in an unpacked package of cookies: D


Bez nazvu

Having dogs is a lifestyle. You will find that once you are without them, you do not know what to do in your free time.

Beside that, you don’t even think about going out with them 5 times a day – that you have to “sacrifice” time for long hours of walking, that you must not forget to feed them etc..

All these things are so normal that once someone suggests a trip, you automatically think about for how many days you have to pack their dog biscuits. :-D.

I have a lot of people around me, who do not understand how I can be willing to devote so much time to my dogs and so little for myself. But I don’t feel that way. For me, it is about being lucky to spend my life in a nature with my dogs, at dog events, races or even just the whole day lying with the dogs in a bed watching movies.


Bez nazvu

Give my time to my dogs is currently my biggest priority and these are the moments when I live my life to the fullest and enjoy every single second. It’s a passion and my mum’s as well, so thanks to that we can spend time together as a family and it’s priceless.

I definitely understand that it might be irrelevant to someone, but do you know why life is so special? Because everyone can choose their paths of happiness, which can be even 180 degrees completely different from each others.

For somebody it may be travelling and exploring new places, for someone it may be meeting friends in restaurants and bars. For someone, for example, it may be just sitting at home most of the time read books and for someone like me, the greatest happiness is being surrounded by dogs, spending with them my time, observe their joy in life and share it with them. And that’s so beautiful in life! That everyone can do what makes them happiest!

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Therefore, do what brings you joy, do not miss your happiness and DEFINITELY don’t look to see if anyone thinks you’re crazy. That’s their problem, not yours! 🙂 And we won’t have another life than the one we are creating right now, so let’s not waste time!

Argonaut & Me


So how was it with my Argonaut? The whole love story started a bit sadly. I got on a college to Prague, where I was really anxious, I missed everything and at the end, it escalated so badly that I was mentally ill. At that time, I already knew that not only because of these conditions (but MAINLY because of these conditions) I want my own dog as somehow I felt it was something I missed.

After texting to all Czechoslovakian Wolfhounds kennels, where the waiting time for a puppy was at least a year, – I was scrolling the facebook page and suddenly saw an ad for puppies, which were saved together with their mother from gypsy’s settlements in Slovakia.

They were over 3 months (collection of puppies is at 2 months) and a few of them still did not have a home. And there he was he. A black nose of puppy looking at me from that blurred photo, and I knew I didn’t want to buy a dog for xx thousands from the kennel but instead I want to save just this tiny black doggie that looked so different as if he had become entangled with his siblings and mother by complete coincidence. I did immediately contacted the lady and within two days I was holding my beloved Argonaut in my hands and didn’t let him since then.

IMG 8763 edited

The beginnings were slightly more complicated. As he lived in a pack with several dogs of all ages, he probably took the scars from that time. He was afraid of another barking, was eating his biscuits one by one, which he took to his dog bed and carefully hid under a blanket, waited a moment, and only then he ate it quickly. He was afraid of men and couldn’t play with toys, because he didn’t know any of them. All of these things were breaking my heart. But at the end we managed it together and now he is the most amazing dog I have ever met.

So what is he like? Loving, kind, loyal to people he knows, always in a contact, empathetic, well-behaved, calm, sensible, smart, and as I like to say, he was born simply wise. 🙂 Yippee but also slightly lazier and if he doesn’t have to, he doesn’t bother unnecessarily. But that doesn’t mean he is a lazy-bone. With his running speed, he can most likely cope with greyhounds or hounds and has not met faster dog than himself, yet.

Ary was born mainly for me. Not with a penchant for any dog ​​sport, or with any passion for something. Just for me and for him to live and breathe our time together. We are extremely addicted to each other (ok, maybe I’m more on him than he on me). It’s just a piece of my soul. <3

Ebertus aka Bertíček

Bertíček is currently our (so far) last dog that currently inhabits our home.

How to describe him… Well, he loves everything alive, is a lickspittle, smarty pants, perceptive, cuddly, long legs and floppy ears ginger fox, for what we laugh at home non stop. But he is so suicidal, the instinct of self-preservation is zero, he is brave and always everywhere.

And just after a few days all together he was the last piece of puzzle to fit in our family perfectly. He was born in a kennel where his parents and grandparents actively work as hunting dogs. His mother was very busy, so Bertíček comes along with another 13 siblings! Gosh.

He was brought by my mum as a partner in life and jogging and trips buddy to forests and nature. Well, I have my personal plans with him too. When he grows up, I’d like to run with him canicross and take part with him in the Mountain Challenge races (races in the Czech Republic, which take place at the highest mountains of the Czech Republic and runs up and down the mountains ((I know, crazy!: D)). It is currently a 7-month-old puppy and he is growing an increasingly amazing dog !! 🙂

IG reels by Jinn Twai

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Hungarian Vizsla

A robust, noble-looking, medium-sized dog, the adult male Hungarian Vizsla comes with a wiry, dense coat. They are extremely affectionate and full of energy, making them perfect for an active household.


A larger-than-life character, the Hungarian Vizsla makes a fun, lively, loving companion for those who can give him the time and attention he needs. A sensitive dog, they enjoy being active and learning new things and revel in training, provided it is fun and rewarding. They can be naturally protective of their family and as they bond so closely to their beloved owner, they hate to be left alone.

My source & more info about viszla at PURINA

  • Lifespan: 12 – 15 years
  • Weight: 20 – 30kg
  • Height: (M) 57-64cm, (F) 53-60cm
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Reddish-gold colouring

About Mia


How to begin. Mia has been quite different since she was a puppy. She was afraid of dogs, she was afraid of people, she didn’t want people around, and she didn’t even want us.

Even as a puppy within not even 1kg in weight, she was very wary like an animal in the wild, and it has remained so far.

And how she is now?

To strangers very reserved, she doesn’t like anything, her best friend is a ball and doesn’t like cuddling either human contact.

We say she has a feline nature because she only comes to calling when she wants to: – D. does not like to take a part in the evening’s last walk because she usually sleeps and does not see the logic why she should get up when she can wake us up at 3 am and go whine at the door so we all wake up. 😀

But time to time she can also be a good girl, and when she wakes up in a right mood, you feel for a few seconds that she is that cute pocket dog, you bought.

She has also a radar on people and so if she comes to you by herself, you will definitely be a good person!

Anyway, she’s mainly an athlete by nature. We run together agility and she can run tens of kilometres, with us, every day. It’s just a perpetual mobile. Sometimes we think that she wanted to be born as a giant doberman, but they only had a body of a 4 kg rat in stock. : D

She is our great director, controller and rules over all of our dogs and is not afraid to show them her teeth if necessary.

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IMG 8736 1

Prague Ratter

Ratters are social dogs that thrive on strong and dependable relationships with their humans. They love receiving attention and enjoy being around kids.

However, due to their small size, these dogs should be supervised when with young children. Though generally friendly, Prague Ratters can be a bit reserved with strangers. They may also be intimidated by other dogs—which may result in confrontations.

This breed adapts well to full-time indoor and apartment living. Though they love to play (and do so quite energetically), Prague Ratters are more than happy to be a lap warmer during downtime. Unlike other small dogs that can be yappy, the Ratter is typically a very quiet dog.

My source and more info about find at:

  • Lifespan: 12 – 14 years
  • Weight: 1 – 4 kg
  • Height: 20 – 30 cm
  • Size: Small
  • Colour: Black with tan

Many thanks to Karolinka, who spent so much time writing about her beloved doggies and thanks for her patient and love towards animals!

I will be so happy if you would have a look to my other friends and their stories from all different corners of this world!

Love, Jinn

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