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Holiday, who can’t love this time! Here are my stories and memories from my favourite ones!

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Expedition Snowdonia

How did 4 girls and a cat ended up in Snowdonia National Park? And how did it go? Just 3 days were enough for a new adventure and lots of memories and fun! Read my diary about it...
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Tenerife Road • Trip

My ever first road-trip around the island of Tenerife went just as perfect as we thought! All those cities of discovery, beautiful beaches and the highest peak of Teide left us astonished and speechless. Memories of Tenerife will always remind me the fun we had here.
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Travel with me

Travel! Journeys. Road-trips and much more! Travel with me since 2010 all around the Europe to Turkey and some islands! I love travelling anywhere and anytime. I remember my parents telling always a story about me, escaping (as a 4 year old) from my grandpa babysitting and walking down the street with a little backpack. Going on my own to a hospital to see my mummy.
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Greece and its great adventures

10 days of unexpected twists, adventures and the bluest sea in Greece. The perfect spot for summer holiday and new exploring. Here is the Great Greek adventures in a diary.
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Madeira holidays

Just a week is not enough to explore this stunning Madeira full of mountains and fresh fruits. I had a wonderful time of discovering and travelling and will be more than happy to come back again. Here is my story.
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My love for Turkey

First time I visited Turkey was in 2010 when I was 14 years old with my secondary school. This amazing opportunity brought me many beautiful memories, letters and long term friends, which I love and met again after 8 years. Read to know more about my adventure and reuniting with my friends!
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The wild traveller

Personally I think that travelling is the best teacher for your life. Learning to be independent and stand on your own feet, solving unexpected problems, learning about new cultures, meeting new people and socializing with them, seeing differences can teach you to appreciate your own things much more and many other perks!
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