Liana Busby life is a roller coaster

Never settling down and living in 4 different states brought Liana many friends, life experiences and everyday obstacles as well. Living to the fullest, travelling to Spain and enjoying every moment of her life Liana had to learn as well. Read her story to see more!

Liana Busby


I first met Liana in Spain 2017 when I was there as an aupair and our families gave us the contact which I was really grateful for because in such a little town, there were not many young people and if they were, they didn’t speak English well.

So we have enjoyed few weeks together in Rincón de Soto, went on bike trips, stole some of the local farm’s fruit on our ways, picked wild berries and also enjoyed the biggest party San Fermín in Pamlona!

With Liana’s warm personality I always felt happy and had fun. I remember how surprised I was when I saw her eating raw mushrooms so I hurried to fried them for her at least. Or when we talked about scary things and ghosts and I was scared to sleep alone for another week. When we went for a bike trip and didn’t have lights for the way back and had a night adventure. And lots of more…

Liana Busby my first friend from the USA which I met in Spain.

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Life is a Roller coaster

Liana is the youngest of 6 and born in Commerce City, Colorado. The bitterness of her life came straight in the beginning when her dad passed away in a car accident and she had to be raised by a single mother who is also mentally ill. Cause of that the family could never settled down and had to move from one place to another.

Living in 4 different states including Colorado, Montana, Utah and New Mexico and many different cities, brought Liana lots of life experience and friends as well.

“I know I have moved around quite a bit. That was a theme of my childhood. My mum is mentally ill and she always thought people were out to get us so we moved a lot. I got used to it and now I don’t like to stay in one place for very long. I have enjoyed most of my life although I have had a lot of hardships. I was pretty poor growing up and having a mentally ill parent was like having no parent at all. I have also been through a lot but it’s made me a strong and independent person.”

Growing up with her sister as a best friend by her side, Liana also went through all the common life as anybody else. Dreaming of becoming an aerialist in the circus, an actress, a lawyer, a chef, a dancer and so many more. Having her first love and first heartbreak, having lots of fun with all her friends as well as cries, dealing with depression and anxiety or enjoying her studies. Enjoying as many things as possible to know what she wants from her life.

How was your first travel to Spain?

“When I went to Spain I was a mix of emotions. I was excited, scared, nervous, etc. I didn’t have a good travel journey to Spain. My flight was delayed, my luggage was lost and I didn’t receive it until 2 weeks later, I was assaulted my second day in Spain but my pride wouldn’t let me leave. I made it there and I couldn’t face going home. I stayed and I had a lot of good moments. I made some friends from all over and I got to travel to different areas in Spain. I ate delicious food and drank a lot!

I got to go to Pamplona and party all night along with Jinn and others. I got to go to the beach for the first time. My au pair family was very nice and I still think of them often and talk sometimes. It seems like so long ago. I stayed in Spain for 3 months but I missed my family very much.”

Something about your country?

“Being from the U.S. is normal for me so I’m not sure what I can really share! Each state is very different and has very different climates, culture, food, etc.

Sports are very popular in the U.S. Especially football. Some things that other countries might not know about the U.S. If you go out to eat or have drinks you should tip. If not that’s considered rude. We eat out a lot. We like junk food and fast food. Not everyone but majority. It is very expensive to live in the U.S. and we work a lot. We don’t get a lot of vacation time and money is very important.

We can be considered rude because we say and do whatever we want a lot of the time. We love to pull the freedom of speech card. We also have a lot of freedom and independence. Although a lot of crazy things occur here I’m lucky to live here and have the opportunities, freedoms, and life that I do.”


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National parks

US may not take you by its food and big cities but it will for sure mesmerize you with its nature and national parks! There are more than 400 national parks, sprawling across more than 84 million acres and parks in each state extending into territories. So here are at least 5 to check:

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Yellowstone National Park

First national park of the US and the world – spans an area of 8,983 km2. Well known for its wildlife and hundreds of species including endangered or threaten – Yellowstone national Park was names a UNESCO Heritage Site! With popular features as Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone lake or Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano on the continent, you will find this national park stunning.

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Grand Teton National Park

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Grand Canyon National Park

The central feature of this famous national park – a gorge of the Colorado River is often considered one of the Wonders of the World! Belongs rightly into UNESCO Heritage Site, This natural marvel full of fossils, hidden caves, colourful rock layers, is spreading 446 km along, up to 29 km to wide and 1,800m in depth. And it should be definetely on your bucket list!

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Rocky Mountain National Park

This mesmerising National park was designed in 1976 by UNESCO as one of the first World Biosphere Reserves. Visited every year by thousands of tourists became also one of the most visited National Park System. Is it on your list as well?

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Mount Rainier National Park

This National Park – located in Washington State was established in 1899 as the fifth national park of the US. Including all of Mount Rainier stratovolcano, known as composite volcano (built by many layers of lava and temphra) as well as a huge ecosystem complex producing diverse beauty and vegetation. Mesmerising beauty of this park is proved every year by hundreds species of wildflowers turning meadows into an oceans of colours and scents.

Choose from several different trails by your ability!

10 Questions


I am proud that my country has a lot of freedom and choice. For the most part, we can be who we want and express ourselves freely.

My travel bucket list is to visit every country on Earth one day. I really want to go to France next. Italy, Greece, etc. Then Ireland and Scotland. I’m drawn to Ireland and Scotland.

My life in 3 words is wonderful, living fully, and exciting.

My dream is to live a life that I love and enjoy. I want to live every day to the best of my ability. I want to laugh and love a lot. My dream is to travel the world, meet new people and have friends. My dream is to find a soul mate and one day have little mini ME’s!

My biggest struggles are that living good in the U.S. is hard. You don’t need money to make you happy but you do need money to have a roof over your head, buy food, and necessities which can be expensive. I also struggle with depression and anxiety which can be hard.

There are a lot of differences between Europe and the U.S. When I was in Europe I noticed life was enjoyed in a different way. It was slower pace, there was joy in meeting with people and just hanging out. Everyone was very social and happy. No one overworked themselves and they enjoyed everything they were doing. Europe also felt more traditional. Not in a bad way just everyone was very similar in their looks, ways of thinking, life, etc.

In this moment in life I am happy. I wouldn’t change anything. I truly believe the universe is aligned and I’m where I need to be. Doing what I need to do. The universe always provides and my path will be fine.

If I had a super power I would love to be Mother Nature. To feel the frequencies of animals and plants. Be able to live among them and hear their thoughts and talk to them. I’d be happy.

Some of my favourite things from my adventure to Spain was the people I met and friends I made. Going to Pamplona with Jinn and friends. Travelling to different cities. Learning to be away from my family and on my own. Feeling free. Of course all the beer I drank and food I ate.

I think this is an amazing project. Jinn you are very sweet and introspective. You were so kind when I met you and I had so much fun with you. I think this will be a good project for you and I’m interested and excited to read the other people that you do this project with.

much love
Liana Busby

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