Illustrations by Dannie

Illustrations by Dannie • an artist and a photographer from Czech Republic • are a real artwork full of love, fairytale-style and vibrant colours. Magical backgrounds and very detailed animals' portraits will mesmerise you within a second and will draw you into their own stories and enchanting world. Get your glasses and let's get into this story altogether.

Illustrations by Dannie

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Illustrations by Dannie

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Freelance and self-taught photographer and illustrator 

based in Czech Republic

I see myself as an amateur photographer and illustrator. In my everyday life, I go to work and paint or take photos just in my free time.

Painting and drawing have been part of me since my childhood, so it’s impossible to say when it all started. I used to paint all the time as a child, around my twenties I started taking pictures and I gave up on painting for a while. I didn’t find my love for painting until I was around 30 years old.

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Something about your painting, technique and inspiration?

Theme • The most close theme to me are animals for sure. I like to paint detailed animal portraits, where I try to capture their real appearance and lots of details. Other times I make animals simple on purpose and place them in a magical background.

Blue colours, stars, trees and water appear most often in my motifs.

My favourite and most frequently used technique is watercolour painting competed with various of other media.

I am most often inspired by specific photographs of nature that I discover on Pinterest or Instagram. Furthermore, I am probably most inspired by music, without which I cannot imagine painting.

When painting, I like to sing out loud and immerse myself in my own world.

It is my relaxation after a hard work week.

Sometimes I get excited about new techniques. Most often when I watch the beautiful artwork of other artists. Last time I bought three-colour pencils and watercolour inks. However, many times I experienced great disappointment when trying new techniques because I am not satisfied with the results at the end. Therefore, I always come back to my animals and watercolours.

I found that I probably like combining techniques the most. I combine the watercolours with aquarelle pencils, sometimes I use dry or oil pastels to complete the atmosphere and use all kinds of effective colours.

I like my drawings to sparkle, so I use gold and silver inks or gold acrylic paints. I would like to try gouache paints in the future as well.

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Someone recently messaged me saying that my pictures are full of positive energy and include a sense of calmness. It brought me back to memories of how painting helped me get through a difficult time in my life. At that time, the pictures were definitely not positive, on the contrary, there was something disturbing, painful in them.
My work, whether it’s photography or painting, depends a lot on how I feel, and the choice of motifs also depends on what I’m currently experiencing.

I believe that creation and its development also include crises, when things are not going well, there is no inspiration or mood to do anything. I try to look at this time as an important time when something matures in me.

Although it is unpleasant, it is necessary.

Rabbit in woods as an illustration

As much as I love …

As much as I enjoy and love painting, I have to say that I often experience frustration as well. I’m rarely satisfied with the result, I often feel like I’m failing. Even now I’m going through a period of searching for myself. I had to come to terms with the fact that I have a certain style, and even if I like a different style in other artists, it is not mine and it would be a waste of time to try to imitate something or someone. Although I would like to be able to paint portraits, my way is an animal portrait combined with an abstract background.

Dannie and her drawing in a progress
Illustration as a poster
creating - crocheting
Dannie and her creations

It is very important to me that I have more hobbies to pursue. When I don’t manage to paint, I focus more on photography or close myself at home and make something (most often it’s crocheting). I’m the type of person who has a great need to do something all the time. If I was addicted to only one activity, I would not be satisfied.

Having more alternatives to what I enjoy and makes me happy is my prevention from burnout.

In this regard, I see social networks as dangerous. Everything looks perfect there, and it seems that everyone else is always doing well and has endless ideas. But that is not true. I think it is important to share with others even doubts, to talk about our frustrations and insecurities.

There is no white without black.

illustrations of a cat by Dannie
illustrations of bunnies in a magical background
Dannie with her cat
illustrations of polar bears
illustrations of a little fawn in a snow
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Illustrating, creating and Dannie’s other little projects


In addition to watercolour originals painted by photographs, I also offer printed posters my own illustrations.

In the future, I would like to push the use of my paintings a little further. I am currently working on a new collection of illustrations. I started offering greeting cards, postcards and other small products for joy.

I have a lot of ideas, but I often run into the fact that I lack the knowledge of graphic works and I am not a good businessman. I also often struggle with not having enough time. I work full time, and I don’t always have the energy to be able to create after work.

I am always happy when someone approaches me for cooperation. So my illustrations ended up on clothes in the Czech Republic, Italy and the Canary Islands, I illustrated the album cover of a music band, I painted educational materials about the forest for children, and at the moment a larger collaboration is under discussion, when the pictures should appear on products in a limited collection of one Czech brand. But I don’t want to spill it out yet.

As I already wrote, the charitable dimension of creating is also important to me. I regularly try to contribute to various shelters and rescue centres through my creations. So people can buy, for example, originals of my pictures or reproductions by sending money to where it is needed. This is the third year I’ve been doing this event, especially during the month of October.

I am always impressed by how many people attend and how generous they are. It’s actually my way of believing that the world isn’t so bad after all.

Because sometimes I feel hopeless when I look at what is happening in the world. This is my little way of looking for the light.

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MiniLove Illustrations by Dannie

I enjoy planning new projects. One of my current projects is called MiniLove. MiniLove is a miniature drawing of a beloved pet or a favourite animal based on a photograph. The animal portrait is a maximum of 5 cm in size and is made on very fine and high-quality Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper.

The image should appear neat and minimalistic.

I wanted to have something in my portfolio for lovers of minimalism. Something that would be an alternative to multi-coloured images. I believe that MiniLove fits into any interior and impresses everyone with its cuteness.

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Few words at the end …

Creating itself is important, regardless of whether we are significantly successful at it or not. Whether we paint, take photos or make something, it’s a good way to relax and take care of our psyche. I think that those who create something and have something they enjoy tend to be happier, more often they feel fulfilment and some kind of purpose.

These are the most important things that creation gives me – purpose, fulfilment, joy and relax.

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Are you an artist or creator? Would you like to be a part of my ART with STORIES project? Let me know and we can publish your story and experience with a joy!

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