Expedition Snowdonia

How did 4 girls and a cat ended up in Snowdonia National Park? And how did it go? Just 3 days were enough for a new adventure and lots of memories and fun! Read my diary about it...

How we ended up right here in Wales and its National Park Snowdonia?

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I always wanted to come here as I love mountains so much and all the pictures were so stunning. And once we had a good pack of people, we booked an AirBnb cottage, got our sombreros and bikini and here we go!


Expedition Snowdonia


I got up at 5:30 AM to have enough time to pack all I need for these upcoming 3 days with my girls! We met before 7 AM and left on the dot, as I was very persistence not to get into traffic. And the journey was pretty good! After 2 hrs we stopped at a little service, got my breakfast (scramble eggs/coffee) … used very unpleasant WC, Kate broke the bench, she was sitting on – which helped us to leave immediately. And off we went again.

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Then we drove for another 1 hr 40 minutes to the Zip World Llechwedd! Broke our piggy banks to afford a zip ride for 50GBP! each, Gosh. Got our harnesses, googles and the most funniest guide, learnt more about the slate mining in olden days and finally got to the top! The ride was exciting, last about 50 secs and the view was so so. But after all just being all together made it so much fun and we laughed from the minute we sat in a car.

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After a good spend 2,5 hrs in the Zip World and 4 hrs on the road, we finally made it to our accommodation and couldn’t believe how pretty and cozy it was. Most of all my little baby Ferry the Mainecoon cat made the whole journey with us, too! A little bit stressed of a new and loud environment from our peaceful farm, but safe and sound.

After a nice rest and Welsh cakes snack in our cottage, we walked about 20 minutes to the town and got the most delicious burritos and nachos from Mexican restaurant Burrito Blasus Blaneau. Stuffed came back nicely tired and ready for tomorrow’s new adventure!

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Waking up early as the girls had planned to go for a morning run of 5 Km, and as always, you can finish this story. Yes, they didn’t leave the house. Anyway, I couldn’t sleep much as my blanket got annoyingly so hot and I had weird feeling about a ghost wondering around the house (as a lot of these British old houses have).

Had a bit of breakfast and left for another Snowdonia adventure! Driving just enough (35min) to the lake Llyn Ogwen, trying to find a space to park beside other hundreds of adventurers.

Snowdonia National Park

And here we go we have started our hike at 9:30, took us a while and finished at 15:00! Insane! On the way to the top we had to crawl, climb and get over so many obstacles but around such a beautiful nature, fresh air and peaceful sheep, it’s easy to forget the pain in your feet and bums 😀 On the way down it was actually more difficult as the path was quite dusty and slippery, so do our feet, not mentioning our knees which were quite in pain (my arthritis calling with my age :D)

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Coming down we were literally exhausted and so hungry! That we even went through a closed prohibited path (due to falling rocks), well luckily nothing fell on us, instead we fell into our car with a pretty low energy, red-sun kissed faces and sleepy eyes. So on the way we had to stop by The Stables Restaurant where we ordered a big portion of pizza, chips, burger and a chicken!

We were so happy to see our little cottage and to have finally a shower after all those burnt calories and collapse into the beds and sofa.

At night my inner child suddenly woke up and I had to dress as a ghost in a white sheet to go downstairs to scare Lucy, which was very funny for her as I almost tripped over the sheet itself. So the second chance I got .. and hid myself under Becky’s bed and waited for her to come to the bed, so I can grab her leg (you know, the famous scene which everyone is afraid of) and succeed! She screamed!

And that is pretty much from today! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Good night.


Our little holiday came to its end very sadly.

And surprisingly we had to have a little lie in after the day before and our hike. So getting up at 7 AM failed a bit but still me and Lucy after a chill breakfast took our trainers and went to explore the lake behind our cottage. And it was so pretty!

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Beside feeling our calves with every step in a steep hill. We have enjoyed all the beautiful azaleas in their full beauty, slate walls and mountains and the lake as well!

Lucy (as expected) couldn’t wait another 10 mins to get home and did a big No 2 in a nature, well who can blame her, if you have to, you have to! this short walk took about an hour and we had to hurry up back home to pack our stuff and check out at 11 AM.

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On a dot we left our little accommodation and head with a direction – HOME. 4 hrs constantly driving would be too much so we had a stop by Buidwas Abbey, which was a nice distraction from the mountains and even more interesting reading about its history.

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And then drove for another 10 minutes to finally get some lunch and food! By accident we have chosen a restaurant called Novello Lounge in Telford, which is actually a chain of our favourite Lounges Restaurants (Lounge Pinto in Banbury), and we had a feast! Shopping and wasting some money afterwards was a must do thing, and finally getting on a motorway and driving back home.

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Home sweet home, how happy I was getting back, and Ferry probably even happier!

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Learn something new about Snowdonia!


Snowdonia, or to give the area its full title, The Snowdonia National Park, encompasses an area in and around Mount Snowdon that covers the majority of the county of Gwynedd as well as parts of the county of Conwy.
The Snowdonia National Park boasts vast areas of natural beauty and unique scenery. It is known as Eryri in Welsh a name that can be translated as “the place of the eagles”.

The Snowdonia National Park is the oldest national park in Wales having being founded in 1951 and is home to the tallest mountain in Wales and England, Mount Snowdon. 

Mount Snowdon is climbed every year by thousands of enthusiasts and tourists either via one of the many paths leading to its summit or via the incredibly popular Snowdon Mountain Railway.
The area of the Snowdonia National Park has so much to offer to visitors that if you are visiting it for the first time you will wonder why it took you so long to do it.

Snowdonia is understandably popular with outdoor enthusiasts who take full advantage of the rugged terrain and fast flowing rivers. Whether you are coming for pulse raising activities or for simply standing and admire the Snowdonia Mountains, lakes, rivers and forests you will not be disappointed.

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Expedition Snowdonia

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