My love for Turkey

First time I visited Turkey was in 2010 when I was 14 years old with my secondary school. This amazing opportunity brought me many beautiful memories, letters and long term friends, which I love and met again after 8 years. Read to know more about my adventure and reuniting with my friends!

I was 14 years old, working hard on Comenius project with my English teacher and was selected to go for a 6 days trip to Turkey, for FREE! How amazing. The time I have spent there brought me such precious friends and memories. I have been in touch with my friend Kiymet since then and came back again as 22 y.o. for my summer holiday to meet again my soulmate and enjoy the Turkish vibe.

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turkey - travelling around Marmaris and the sea

My love for Turkey


If we say Turkey, for me it means – Friendship, love, sharing and delicious food, beautiful nature. I have never thought that the friendship I have made back in 2010 would last till now, already 12 years – and I would be always welcomed back with open arms.


I was flying from Prague airport through Istanbul to Izmir. And had a 2 days in Istanbul where I met a friend who offered me to guide me and show me the best sightseeing in Istanbul. He was so kind, picking me at the airport, driving by bus to the center, taking me to taste their delicious Baklava, taking a boat to crossed the river, showing the Galata Tower, leading me through the night city and at the end helping me out to sort my accommodation.

Next day, we met again and quickly went to the Blue Mosque and through the big Bazaar. Saying goodbye and putting me on a bus to the airport and another flight.

Thank you so much Ridvan for your kindness and help!

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I arrived in Izmir airport and was waiting for my friend Kiymet to pick me up. That was a bit tricky because she was waiting at a different terminal and we almost missed each other! But everything turned out well and at the end we are crying in each other’s hug.

Together we travelled to her place, had a walk through the city, had some delicious lunch, met her friend and never stopped talking.

I remember sitting in a park around midnight with a group of her friends and talking, talking, drinking and having fun. And the park was full of people even in that late hour! And it was nice.


The other day we met Mohamed, Sali and Eylul. and drove about 3 hours to Marmaris, rent a whole house just for us and enjoyed the sea, Turkish summer and some cocktails as well! I remember going to a night club for a party and all our boys were protecting us, always standing near by to make sure, nobody takes us. Which was so sweet.

We also took a cruise and sailed to another little island Bedir Adasi for an afternoon to swim in that azure sea and dive in.

I did all the breakfast for all of us and loved to look after my friends and so I gained a nick Cooking Mama for my cooking :D.

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After we came back from Marmaris I really wanted to go again and see the house of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus. And no matter my friends’ religious was, they kindly took me up the hill and prayed with me to the Virgin Mary. We got the water from a healing spring, made a wish, lit a candle and left in all respect.

On the way back our car broke down cause overheating so we had a little break in the middle of nowhere and just olive trees with a nice view.

On our way back to Izmir we spent our afternoon in a beautiful town Sirince. We had a vine tasting for free in a nice restaurant which gave us a kick for the rest of the day, we had a lunch in another beautiful restaurant with a view to all those traditional and beautiful houses. Bought few souvenirs, herbs and local vine, which was by the was delicious with a melon taste!

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Since I came back home from my first journey to Turkey, I stayed in touch with my friends. Not all of them which I have met there as I lost many contacts but I always stayed in touch with my dearest Kiymet! Which has became one of my best beloved friends.

We were 14 years old and almost every 2 month for 8 years we sent each other a letter, handwritten with pictures and lot of lots of love and care.
I still have all those letters safely hidden and am so proud of us, we hold onto each other and believed in one other for such a long time!

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About Turkey







Southwestern Asia, bordered by the Black and Mediteranean Sea



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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Back in 2010

When I arrived to Turkey as a 14 year old girl, I was so surprised, everyone was so friendly to me and gathered around eager to hold my hand and guide me through the school and days. I will never forget Betul, who stayed by my side all the time along and took care of me even she was 2 years younger.

Thanks to the Comenius project and my school I was able to spend the most exciting and adventurous week in Turkey with my new friends.

We have been in so many incredible places and I could fly on a plane for my very first time!

Visiting Ephesus, Izmir, the house of Virgin Mary, seaside and so much more, dancing in our traditional dresses, dancing to Hannah Montana song 😀 and meeting friends from Sweden, Poland, Germany and Finland was just a good start for my other travelling adventures!

The last cherry on the top of all was my project design, which was chosen to be the logo of this project!

My Turkey bucket list

If the situations allow it won’t be my last travel to Turkey for sure. But for the next time I have already prepared my Turkey Bucket list! Here it is.

colorful hot air balloons flying rock landscape cappadocia turkey

This stunning and so much photogenic place is on my bucket list since ever, and yet I haven’t had a chance to come and discover this place.

Have a look and read more what you can do here or from Trip Advisor here.

turquoise pools salt marsh sun summer beauty

Cotton Castle from translation is Pammukale – the thermal spring water cascading in terraces down and creating pools rich of minerals and relaxation.

This beautiful attraction you can find in southwestern Turkey in Denizli province, so don’t miss it out and save in your bucket list as well.

sumela monastery one most impressive sights whole black sea region altindere valley trabzon province turkey
Sumela Monastery

I am sure there are so many abandoned ruins and monasteries in Turkey as Gümüşler Monastery, Vazelon Monastery or an incredible Orthodox Greek Sumela Monastery built in a steep cliff in Pontic Mountains.

This ‘solo’ travel to Turkey and meeting my friends brought me a lot. First of all, people gives you back what you give to them, no matter what religious you are, no matter of your colour – if you are kind and loving, doing your best. They will look after you in their country. They will be happy to guide you around and spend their time with you. In Turkey I met so many new people and all of them were so kind to me, we met strange people and their were inviting us to taste their food and drinks, talking and dancing with us.

This is what I love about travels!

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