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Mesmerising Indonesia

The most populous country in the world with more than 270 million people, more than 17 thousand islands and the most populous muslim country. Let's hear Niken sharing her stories and memories.
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125 days in Spain

Spending my first 4 months in Spain was an amazing experience. I met many new people, tasted various delicious food and most of all I enjoyed their festivals and traditions. This hot Spanish summer gave me a lots of great memories, let's talk about some of them here.
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Liana Busby life is a roller coaster

Never settling down and living in 4 different states brought Liana many friends, life experiences and everyday obstacles as well. Living to the fullest, travelling to Spain and enjoying every moment of her life Liana had to learn as well. Read her story to see more!

Struggling Artist?

Being an artist is not always easy thing and there are many struggles which everyone has to face. But it's an incredible experience to create something new, let's see what Jakub a young photographer had to go through ...
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Hello World

I always wanted to create a place where could meet different people and cultures! Travelling and Art are both part of my everyday life so do their stories which are hiding behind. And now it's here, my new project ART WITH STORIES
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