Another Spanish adventure

It happened so fast and I just got a flight to Bilbao! Within a week I had found a new family, new place to live and became an aupair for another hot Spanish summer! My fastest decision ever, and it turned as the best one!


Spanish adventure?

Another Spanish adventure of Jinn's

It happened so fast and I just got a flight to Bilbao! Within a week I had found a new family, new place to live and became an au pair for another hot Spanish summer!

I had just finished my beloved designer job and was waiting for another job – where I would be travelling around the world. But as it happens sometimes, those plans were cancelled due some circumstances and I was left with empty hands. So within a week I have found a new family, new place to live and work and flew to Bilbao, Spain.

It was my fastest decision ever, and it turned as the best one! Because I had spent the best summer in my life, I had met more friends in 3 months than for years in Czech – and as expected they became my favourite!

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To Spain you can travel either by a coach/plane or train depending from which location you are leaving. I had tried by bus which took about 36 hrs and then by a plane which took just about 2 hrs, seems like a huge difference, and it is! But all options have its own pros and cons.


There are many websites which help you to find the cheapest flights from different places and countries all over the world. For Czech people might be familiar or and then – my favourite so far was So I search there for my requested flights and then go to the specific airline company and buy the flight from them. There are also some benefits and discounts if you get a membership and you an save a bit more on your travels.

My 3 most amazing months in Spain


Being an au pair is a great experience, you can live in any other country and learn about the culture, traditions and people. But the most important thing is in which family you are staying as it can turn as a best time ever or a nightmare.

I was so lucky to find through Facebook and another au pair a contact to Eva and her family. Within few days and maybe 2 hours of calling, I was already sitting on a plane and flying to Bilbao.

I remember being so nervous arriving to Logroño as I didn’t what is waiting for me here. But since I went through the door and received a big hug from my beloved little Lucia and Inés, I knew – this is it.

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Being around children and supporting them in their creativity and growing, is what I love. Make them happy, make a fool from myself to make them laugh and cuddle them in their sadness. Giving up everything just for them, is probably mother’s purpose.

I have actually written a post about au pairing and some useful tips for searching a family and dealing with the travel.

Read it through the button down below!

Squishing in a flat 3+1 seemed like a problem for me in the beginning as I am very concern about my privacy and space. But it was a summer and my new family and also me – we were outside all the time, coming home just for a rest and sleep – so everything was all right.

My family was just amazing – a dream host family. My host mum was working in her family vine producing company so I could learn a lot about vine, see its process, stocking and labelling the bottles – and of course a little bit tasting!

And you can check their website here as well!

My host father was a chef so you can imagine how amazing it was. Tasting all his delicious and professional food and learning to cook it with him as well! Beside that he was a member of a rock band Silenciados and their just NEW album is out and you can also check it and enjoy on the Youtube!

Click HERE!

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Becoming a new Spanish adventure

As I said in the beginning within 3 months I met more friends here in this little town (Logroño) than before. I was lucky and could meet many incredible and amazing people, and with some of them I am still in touch and became my very good friends.

I met people from Russia, Netherlands, Indonesia, Vietnam, Poland, Spain, USA, Colombia and more.

And then the life in a far country of yours is much easier. Going out and blending into crowds, drinking vine, calimocho and Piña Colada, eating patatas bravas and many scoops of delicious gelato! Going to Karaoke bar to have fun, enjoying the late late summer nights, going for many walks, picnics and drinks.

OH Yes these coastal countries, they know how to enjoy their lives and they know why to take siesta and close shops from 1pm – 4/5pm – and you will get use to this very quickly!

I just love meeting foreigners and talking to them. And then you should not hesitate if you have a desire to meet someone and with a respect ask for a number, which happened to me and Niken from Indonesia, who aldreadyy shared her story on my website!

Read Niken’s story with a link down bellow!

Cantabrians Mountains

I was lucky to live with my host family in a peaceful location just next to a big green park and beyond the Cantabrians Mountains.

I walked almost everyday at least 10 kilometres and try to discover many places around as possible.

And as from our balcony I was looking straight at these Cantabrians Mountains, no wonder, I went there in the first week of my arrival.

One day on my own walk there I met an old man talking to me in Spanish, and even under all language barriers, he offered to me walk through his favourite route in these mountains, and it was fun! But still not sure and don’t remember what was he talking about the whole time 😀

Once me and my girls went to these mountains for star watching with probably another 30 people. And it was so beautiful, having little dinner picnic under the summer night sky, watching the stars and the whole city lit in its beauty.

Walking back home wasn’t that much fun as we didn’t have a torch and were talking about ghost stories all the way down – which unfortunately scared me so much that I couldn’t fell asleep.

And the last adventure just a day before my leaving, Steve took Carol, Simon and me to literally climb the mountain to these abandoned caves, which was amazing!


60 km bike trip to Navarra

Another spontaneous adventure came out of a sudden from my Vietnamese friend Kua and her friends who were just hosting her at their house. To do a biketrip from Logroño to Najera.

We woke up early and around 9am we were already on our way! Well it was alright till you could feel the strong Spanish summer and realise that you forgot to put your sun cream on!

But it was fun, going through Navarette and its historic streets to a beautiful church decorated with gold all over was just stunning. Stopping for a quick refresh, stopping at the top for a view and then a little picnic I had prepared for us.

Getting at a Sunday mass in Najera and sitting back on our bikes to head home.

60 km, 4 hours cycling, long chatting and wonderful views! Just another of those memories to put in your travel album!

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Bucket list for Spain

Spain is a stunning country with a wide spectrum of places to see, visit and enjoy. I have been living in Spain for almost a year but haven’t seen many places so I will be more than happy to come back in the future and discover more.

Here are few cities which I would love to see and travel to.

park guell barcelona sunrise selective focus


landscape alhambra granada sunset


beautiful view plaza de espana seville spain


spain g06e62e055 1920


general view toledo from hill


jaizkibel mountain basque coast atlantic


I hope this post and my little stories helped you to make that step forward travelling and you will discover so many new lace, meet many people and enjoy this experience of yours!



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