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Stories from me and my friends and our lives as au pairs.

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Another Spanish adventure

It happened so fast and I just got a flight to Bilbao! Within a week I had found a new family, new place to live and became an aupair for another hot Spanish summer! My fastest decision ever, and it turned as the best one!
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Be an au pair

Time as an aupair can be one of your best time in your life. The opportunity living in different countries, meeting different people, culture, trying all sorts of food and exploring around - can make thousands of memories which you keep for the rest of your life.
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125 days in Spain

Spending my first 4 months in Spain was an amazing experience. I met many new people, tasted various delicious food and most of all I enjoyed their festivals and traditions. This hot Spanish summer gave me a lots of great memories, let's talk about some of them here.
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